Resistance Nordic Walking

BungyPump is a training pole with built-in suspension creating a 4 kg resistance. The suspension provides extra resistance for the body when the pole is pressed down. With each step using the pole, you press down with a force of 4 kg.

You use more muscles when BungyPump walking than when walking with conventional Nordic poles. You quickly notice this since your pulse rate increases and your back perspires.

BungyPump is intended for all those who want to improve their condition and at the same time acquire a strong and supple body. The anti-shock design also eliminates hard shocks from the downward thrust of the poles. This means that elbows and shoulders are not overexerted and, just as with ordinary walking poles, the pressure is relieved on the knees and hips.

If you have ever trained on soft marshland or wet sand, you will understand the way BungyPump works. Just like when walking on a marsh, the training poles require more of your body to produce the same movements.

The poles are acclaimed by everyone from top athletes, joggers and walkers to medical experts.

The Benefits of Nordic Walking

Since 1989, major research has been conducted to determine the benefits of Nordic Walking. Can Nordic Walking help those with serious health issues, or the elderly? Does it increase fitness levels in individuals who are already active and healthy? Could it improve an athlete's performance?


BungyPump University Testing
Test Report from Mid Sweden University

In this project, poles known as BungyPumps were compared with similar poles without special suspension, when walking on a treadmill. In all, 11 people took part in the project and all of them were required to walk with BungyPumps and traditional walking poles, on a flat and sloping treadmill, in randomized order, for a total of 6 minutes.



BungyPump - Resistance Nordic Walking Pole

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Resistance Nordic Walking Poles

The BungyPump is a brand new way to Nordic Walk without the impact stress on the arms and shoulders that a standard Nordic Walking Pole causes.

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Resistance Nordic Walking Pole