BungyPump Endorsements

Martin Lidberg, World Champion & 2-Time European Champion Swedish Wrestler and Certified Coach

"I've only got positive things to say about BungyPump. Their poles provide good training for the upper part of the body. You have to press down hard with your arms as you walk."


Katarina Woxnerud, Health and Fitness Expert www.woxnerud.se

"Positively surprised, after having tried the poles for a few months, I'm joining the ranks of those who sing the praises of the BungyPump. The poles activate most parts of your body and training is both gentle and tough at the same time. Perfect both for those who are unused to exercise and top athletes. Your whole body is trained from your legs, up through your stomach and back, to your shoulders and arms."


Susan Lanefelt, Fitness Personality

"Amazing! BungyPump really is a surprise. It's great training; you improve your condition and your circulation. Now I too have started to walk with poles, BungyPump walking."


Tommy Enström, Swedish U-18 Ice-Hockey Player

"The poles are fantastic training, not just for your shoulders, arms and stomach but for your whole body."


Blossom Tainton-Lindquist, on Mix Megapol Radio

"They're great. BungyPump poles are brilliant uphill. It's like walking in snow, sand or marshland. You have to really work harder with your arms and shoulders than with ordinary poles."


Tuire Pernaa

"Yesterday and today I've used my old poles – I'm waiting for the sports shop to receive a delivery of rubber feet – and been surprised. Since the end of June, I've been so used to that "swinging walk" that it felt strange to walk with conventional poles. In the beginning, I had the strange sensation of stumbling and falling forward, when the rigid poles banged into the tarmac without any kind of suspension. And to start with, my arms really hurt! I found my pace and rhythm quickly, of course, but it's certainly more pleasant to walk with the BungyPump."


Teija Enlund

"I've been using the poles for about four months and can only say positive things about them. There is never a hard impact when you place the poles on the ground, enabling your muscles to work gently and flexibly. My muscle mass has increased quickly in my shoulders, back and chest and this has given me an even better posture and stronger arms, shoulders and back, which I really need in my work. I've sold several pairs of poles to patients of mine suffering from back troubles, bad posture, and weak stomach muscles, and those patients who have used the poles have noticed really good results."


Mats Källbäck

"I'd like to take the opportunity to praise the suspension of these poles which enables me to continue walking with poles. I developed tennis elbow when I walked with ordinary poles, which was a real nuisance."


Catarina Söderquist

"I think BungyPump training can be very good for those of us who have fibromyalgia since we benefit most from low-intensity training. Some fibromyalgia patients, when using rigid poles, experience more pain at what are called the elbow points, but I haven't felt any such discomfort with BungyPump poles."