Lying Leg Press

The MyoThrusta is the only strength builder for the leg extensors providing an appropriate level of muscle activation throughout the exercise movement from extreme flexion to full extension.

The patented BBC technology ensures high-range muscle fibre recruitment over the full range of limb movement without imposing any adverse loading on the spine, hips or knees.

The MyoThrusta combines a fully recumbent exercise position with accommodating resistance making it an ideal apparatus for rehabilitation and strengthening of the lower limbs.

Since its release, the MyoThrusta has been adopted by:

British Cycling; Arsenal Football Club; Exeter Chiefs; Worcester Warriors; Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club; London Rowing Club; Molesey Boat Club; Gloucester Rugby; New South Wales Institute of Sport; Sydney University Sport & Fitness; Exeter University and other leading clubs and schools.


260cm (L) x 100cm (W) x 185cm (H)
Weight: 160kg

Exeter Chiefs Head of S&C Mark Twiggs reviews the MyoThrusta

Exeter Chiefs Head of Strength and Conditioning, Mark Twiggs, discusses the benefits of using the MyoThrusta...

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MyoThrusta - Lying Leg Press

The MyoThrusta being demonstrated by Jerry Yanuyanutawa, front row forward for the Brumbies, at the New South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS), Sydney, Australia.

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MyoThrusta Analysis By Elite S&C Coaches

The MyoThrusta being analysed by elite strength and conditioning coaches from Worcester Warriors, London Rowing Club and Gloucester Rugby.

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Lying Leg Press

The leg extensors - primarily the gluteus maximus and quadriceps - constitute the body's largest and most powerful muscle group. They are also vitally important for a wide range of athletic and sporting activities.

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Brighton & Hove Albion latest user of the MyoThrusta

Gen3 Kinematics is thrilled to announce Brighton & Hove Albion as the latest user of its MyoThrusta. Brighton have recently moved into their brand new training ground and the MyoThrusta will be a key addition to their gym


Another MyoThrusta order for Gen3 at Exeter University

Gen3 are happy to announce a continuation of their long-term partnership with Exeter University by supplying them with their second MyoThrusta into their newly refurbished Athlete Development Centre


Gen3 to supply Bristol Rugby 

Gen3 is delighted to announce a deal has been agreed with Bristol Rugby Club to supply them with both a MyoThrusta and 3 of their recently released GruntSled's 


Gen3 to supply Arsenal Football Club with unique MyoThrusta

Gen3 Kinematics are delighted to announce Arsenal Football Club as the latest team to gain the benefits of using their unique MyoThrusta


Gen3 to supply Sir Bradley Wiggins

Gen3 have secured a deal to supply both of their unique equipment, the MyoTruk and MyoThrusta to Sir Bradley Wiggins. The 7 time Olympic Medalist and 2012 Tour De France winner has decided to take on the equipment to help his preparation for future races


New Deals Announced

During rugby's short offseason, Gen3 have been delighted to announce a flurry of activity that has seen Worcester Warriors, Gloucester, Biarritz and Castres order their unique MyoQuip equipment


Updated MyoThrusta Makes Debut

Having taken onboard customer feedback over the last 2 years, Gen3's newly updated MyoThrusta has made its first venture into the market this summer


Gloucester & Worcester Deals for Gen3

Gen3 Kinematics are delighted to announce they have agreed deals with both Worcester Warriors and Gloucester Rugby to supply them with their unique MyoTruk and MyoThrusta strength training systems


Gen3 confirm deal with British Cycling

Gen3 Kinematics are thrilled today to announce a deal with British Cycling to supply their MyoThrusta leg press. Already an exciting deal, it is only made better with the knowledge that the Olympics are just around the corner


What is Broad Biomechanical Correspondence Technology?

MyoQuip's BBC Technology is designed as a compensation mechanism for biomechanical disadvantage. When a limb is fully flexed, i.e., the foot or hand is close to the trunk, the muscles of that limb are operating in a position of considerable biomechanical disadvantage, but as the limb extends away from the trunk it moves into a progressively more biomechanically efficient orientation.

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