Protec Therapy – A new way of treating back pain

Kenneth Hedman

A growing market!

Treating back problems in Protec is a rapidly growing form of therapy. In 2013, there were 1500 Protec installations in the world. Today, the number has grown to 2500 installations. That is a 67% increase in only one year!


Protec treats sumo wrestlers 

Many have asked us about the maximum weight of the patients that can be treated in Protec. We now have the pleasure of giving you a promising answer! 

In Japan, Protec was recently tried out for treating back problems in sumo wrestlers. Some of the wrestlers receiving the treatment weighed up to 190 kg.

Therapists providing treatments with Protec confirm that they experience a significant alleviation of the physical strain in their work, regardless of the patient's weight.



Protec FMT

The Protec FMT is a gravity based therapy system. This innovative new system takes a completely new approach to spinal compression. Similar to the "Pressure Elimination Approach" established by William H. Kirkaldy-Wallis, M.D, the lower body weight, functioning as an anchor, provides a natural traction. In this state of suspension, various types of movement therapy and rehabilitation can be conducted for the lumbar region, hips, legs etc.

Therapy protocol includes:

- Flexion/Extension mobilization

- Lumbar rotation

- Therapeutic stretching exercise

- Passive motion


PROTEC has been used to treat many conditions, some of which include:

- Disk degeneration

- Herniated and bulging discs

- Sciatica

- Spinal stenosis

Treatments include, but are not limited to:

- Mechanical traction therapy

- Therapeutical exercises

- Kinetic activity with one-on-one patient interface

- Myofascial release

- Neuromuscular reduction


PROTEC is a device that provides a safe, stress-free and comfortable treatment for patients. It is designed to allow a wide variety of mobilization therapy options, depending on the physician's therapy preferences.


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