nHANCE Rehab & Medical

The YoYo Technology and the nHANCE equipment has shown to be extraordinarily efficient in training for injury prevention as well as in rehab.

The effects of resistance training using standard equipment or the nHANCE™ Knee Extension were compared in 29 patients recovering from unilateral ACL injury.
Both groups showed improved function over a 3-month period. The nHANCE™ Knee Extension was as safe and effective (i.e., improved strength, power, balance and vertical jump) as standard resistance training equipment for ACL patients (Greenwood et al., 2007).

Another study reporting on the efficacy of 6 week nHANCE™ Leg Press training to treat athletes with chronic patellar tendinopathy, showed improved eccentric muscle function and reduced pain (Romero-Rodriguez et al., 2007).

Further, 8 week training employing the nHANCE™ Leg Curl in elite soccer players, reduced the incidence of hamstring injuries during follow-up. Impressively, players who took on this task on top of their regular strength training routine, showed greater improvements in running speed and power than players assigned to their standard program (Askling et al., 2003).