Sevilla footballers show less injuries after training with YoYo & nHANCE

Similar to Atletico Madrid, numerous top football clubs including Champions League winners, FC Barcelona and finalists, Juventus, take advantage of YoYo Technology to prevent injury and enhance performance. A recent study* by Moisés de Hoyo, of Football Club Sevilla and co-workers, investigated the effect of 10 wk eccentric-overload training employing YoYoTM Squat and Leg Curl exercises on muscle-injury incidence and severity.

Thirty-six junior elite soccer players were assigned to an experimental (EXP), consisting of 3–6 sets of 6 reps of Squats and Leg Curls once or twice weekly, or a control (CON) group. Comparisons across groups showed a likely lower number of days of absence per injury, and a possible decrement of incidence per 1,000 h of match played in EXP compared with CON. There was a substantially greater (likely to very likely) improvement in 20-m and 10-m flying-sprint time, and countermovement jump (CMJ) for EXP than CON. There were marked improvements in CMJ, 20-m and 10-m flying sprint time, and reduced injury severity and possible decrement in total injury incidence in EXP. Neither variable measured showed a clear effect in CON. De Hoyo and his team concluded that eccentric-overload training using nHANCETM driven YoYoTM Squat and Leg Curl reduces muscle injury incidence and severity accompanied by improved jumping ability and speed.

* Effects of a 10-Week In-Season Eccentric-Overload Training Program on Muscle-Injury Prevention and Performance in Junior Elite Soccer Players. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 10:46-52, 2015.