nHANCE Unilateral Squat Improves Change Of Direction Speed

nHANCE unilateral squat improves the change of direction speed in football players which has been shown in recent research* by Dr. Julio Tous-Farjardo and co-investigators from Spain and Sweden.

Julio Tous-Fajardo is currently with the Italian National Team after serving both FC Barcelona and Juventus as the strength and conditioning and injury prevention coach. A career long consultant to Rafa Nadal, he  was the first leading expert in the soccer world to acknowledge YoYo Technology driven nHANCE as illustrated in this inserted picture of Julio from the leading Spanish Newspaper El Pais posted in year 2012. Since then Julio have had many followers among fellow coaches around the world.

*Change of Direction Speed in Soccer Players is Enhanced by Functional Inertial Eccentric Overload and Vibration Training. Tous-Fajardo J, Gonzalo-Skok O, Arjol-Serrano JL, Tesch P. Int J Sports Physiol Perform. 2015 May 1. [Epub ahead of print]