Sport Wales Institute endorses MyoQuip

The Sport Wales institute comprises of extensive indoor and outdoor facilities that are used by more than 30 Welsh governing bodies of sport, including the Federation of Disability Sport Wales. The centre regularly hosts international competitions, training camps, coach education, qualifications and individual athlete training.  

"At Sport Wales Institute we work with a number of sports, but a common theme among them is a requirement for leg extensor strength. While the traditional lifts can adequately develop this in many of our athletes, some are limited by axial loading issues and upper body strength such as gymnasts and cyclists.

The Myothrusta allows us to overload the legs to an extent that wouldn't be possible in the traditional lifts with these athletes. It has also been valuable as an accessory lift, allowing us to add volume with lower stress to the joints and lumbar spine."

Fionn MacPartlin - Strength and Conditioning Coach, Sport Wales Institute