Gen3 Announce New Finnish Partner

Gen3 Kinematics is delighted to announce a new partnership with Finnish based elite sport organisation, SPORTO to distribute their equipment in Finland. 

SPORTO is an expert organisation specialized on performance enhancement, injury prevention, rehab and monitoring of athletes utilizing the latest and scientifically proven technologies. High Tech, scientific background, Evidence Based Medicine and systematic working strategies are the base of SPORTO concept, which is lead by the highly experienced professionals. SPORTO is also official distributor and technology partner with nHANCE™ – Driven by YoYo Technology™.

Business Development Manager for Gen3 Kinematics, Andy Naisbitt says, “We are delighted to start this partnership with SPORTO who we believe share our same core values of performance enhancement and safety in training. We are excited to start working with them and establish our equipment in Finland”.

Co-owner and Co-Founder for SPORTO, Jari Puustinen comments “We are more than happy to add Gen3 Kinematics devices to our catalogue to guarantee our customer needs for modern day strength training where safety and enhancement along with the strong evidence and customer satisfaction are the key values”.

Have a look at SPORTO's website for more information -