Welsh rugby clubs to take on Gen3’s MyoTruk

Gen3 are delighted to announce a partnership with the Welsh Rugby Union to supply them with four MyoTruk’s to go to the Cardiff Blues, Scarlets, Newport Gwent Dragons and the Ospreys.


“With a MyoTruk and 2 of our Gruntsleds already being used by the Welsh National team at the Vale Resort, this deal represents the continuation of a long and successful partnership with the Welsh Rugby Union,” said Andy Naisbitt, Director of Gen3 Kinematics. “With each team taking on a MyoTruk each, we are extremely happy to be able to help each club with the training of their players and keep them on the field for longer” he continued.


The MyoTruk is designed to increase leg and core strength safely and works the body much in the same way as a squat, but without the risk of adverse loading on the back.


It embodies direct-linkage force transmission and has been designed for complex, multi-joint and large muscle mass movement. It also features the patented Broad Biomechanical Correspondence Technology ensuring constant increasing resistance throughout the exercise movement.


For further information please email us at info@gen3kinematics.com or call us on 01252 521 500