Natural Lumber Suspension System

The PROTEC natural lumbar suspension system is a machine developed in Japan to aid and help prevent lower back pain. It is a stand-alone machine comprising of an automated seat with padded straps to hold the patient. It has two leg supports featuring a unique pulley system enabling the user, or the patient, to easily adjust the height of the legs. There is also a cervical attachment available that is easily mounted to the unit.

The Lumbar Suspension Method has been proven effective in Japan, providing natural traction of the spine, with the lower body acting as an anchor, using gravity alone. This is a different form of traction to that which is created on a horizontal bed.

Protec therapy enables a reduction of pressure upon the patient’s lower body by lifting and suspending the upper body, thus providing a significant reduction in internal intervertebral disk pressure.


4 ft. x 4 ft. x 7 ft. 250 lbs.

Patient's maximum weight:

up to 350 lbs.

PROTEC in Rugby

In rugby, the lower limb is the most commonly injured area of the body. It accounted for 42% of all injuries at the 1995 Rugby World Cup. A study of South African Super 12 players in 2005 showed that the pelvis and hip were the most commonly injured areas (19%).



PROTEC Floating Lumbar Suspension System

PROTEC Floating Lumbar Suspension System for the relief of back and neck pain. The world's first free standing vertical decompression and exercise system. Introduction video.

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PROTEC Natural Lumber Suspension System